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This section will show the outcome of any course import and will log any errors. This allows you to ensure that all records have been successfully imported and the data can then be exported in a range of formats.

Import reports include imported data and the line number, errors encountered, whether an item was imported as Evidence (appears on the Other Evidence tab of the learner’s My Learning > Record of Learning) and when the import file was uploaded.

To search for records click the Show more link and enter any search terms. Click the Search button.

Report data can be exported by scrolling to the bottom of the page, selecting the export format in the Export in… dropdown and click the Export button.

Reset report data

  1. To clear import report data, go to the Settings block and click on Site Administration > Courses > Upload completion records > Reset report data.
  2. Tick the box next to Reset course report data to clear course report data. 
  3. Tick the box next to Reset certification report data to clear certification report data.
  4. Click the Reset selected button to clear the report.

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