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Create a New Session

After adding the Face-to-face activity to the course page, sessions need to be created that contain the specific date, time and location for the instructor-led training.

1. To add a new session to the Face-to-face activity, click the Add a new session link.

2. Enter the following details for the session.

Session date/time known: Choose “Yes” if there is a known date and time for the session.

If “Yes” is selected, the learner and manager will be sent a confirmation email notification. If enabled in the activity notifications, a reminder can also be sent prior to the session.

If “No” is selected, the session will display the text “wait-listed” on the course page, the learner will receive the wait-listed email notification, the learner will not be sent a reminder email and the learner’s manager will not receive a confirmation or cancellation email notification for this session.

Timezone: Select the Timezone that the session dates and times will be based on. This timezone will default to the one setup in Site Administration > Location > Location Settings. Note: If “Display session timezones” has been disabled in the global Face-to-face activity settings, the “Timezone” option will not be shown.

Start time: Enter the starting date/time including the date, month, year, hour and minute.

Finish time: Enter the ending date/time including the date, month, year, hour and minute.

To add a second session, click the Add a new date button. If any details aside from the date and time will differ from the first session, then don’t use this option. Additional sessions with varying details can be added via the Add a new session link on the activity page.

3. Enter the location of the session by choosing a pre-defined room or by entering a location.

Click the Choose a pre-defined room option to select a room from a list of options created by the Site Administrator. Note: If the “Session date/time known” option is set to “No”, the Choose a pre-defined room button will be greyed out to prevent scheduling conflicts.

If a room has been assigned to another session during the selected session date and time, a comment will be displayed next to the room stating “room unavailable for selected dates”. This is to prevent scheduling conflicts.

To add details for a room that is not on the list, tick the Other room box and enter the Room name, Building and Address in the text boxes provided.

Capacity: Enter the number of seats available in a session.

When a face-to-face session reaches capacity the session details do not appear on the course page. The details will appear greyed out on the 'View all sessions' page and the learner cannot enrol on the session.  

Allow overbooking: When checked, learners will be able to sign up for a face-to-face session even if it is already full.

When a learner signs up for a session that is already full, they will receive an email advising that they have been wait-listed for the session and will be notified when a booking becomes available.

Note: Learners will only be wait-listed if they have signed-up for a session themselves. If the learner is booked by a Site Administrator, Editing Trainer, Trainer or Course Creator, they will be automatically booked onto the course, regardless of whether the session is over capacity or not.

Allow booking cancellations: Allow users to cancel their bookings at any time, never or until cut-off reached (x amount of time before the session starts).

Enable minimum capacity: If the minimum capacity has not been reached at the cut off point, then course tutors (those with moodle/course:manageactivities capability) will be automatically notified.

Duration: Enter the total length of the training in hours. For example:

"2 hours" is enters as 2 or 2:00

"1 hour and 30 minutes" is entered as 1:30

"45 minutes" is entered as 0:45

If the training occurs over two or more time periods, the duration is the combined total.

Normal cost: Normal cost is the amount charged to learners who do not have a membership id. The normal cost will appear in the cost column in the course's gradebook for each learner who attends the session (unless a discount cost is entered and the learner enters a membership id when signing off the session).

Discount cost: Enter the amount charged to learners who have a membership id. If a learner enters a membership id when signing-up for a session, the discount cost will appear in the cost column in the course's gradebook. Note: If a discount cost is entered, the learner will be required to enter a Discount Code when signing up for a session.

User sign-up note: Allows users to add text that will go to the session organiser

Self- Approval: This setting allows a user to confirm that they have sought approval to attend the session. Instead of their manager needing to approve their booking the user is presented with a check box when signing up and must confirm they have met the specified terms and conditions. This setting will be disabled unless "Requires approval" is enabled in the Face-to-face activity settings.

Details: Details are tracked per session basis. If text is populated in the details field, the details text will be displayed on the user signup page. By default, the details text also appears in the confirmation, reminder, waitlist and cancellation email messages.

Session Roles: Select the trainer(s) that need to be scheduled for this session. When saving the session, the system will check to see if the trainers selected are already scheduled for a session at the same date/time. If a scheduling conflict occurs, a message containing information about the conflicting session will appear.

Note: To select a Trainer, a Trainer must be enrolled onto the course with the Trainer role and the role must be enabled under “Session roles” in the global Face-to-face activity settings.

4. Click the Save Changes button to save the session.

The new Face-to-face session details will appear on the course page.

Note: If you click the Save Changes button and are taken to the back to the session settings page, scroll through the page to make sure there are no missing fields or schedule conflict alerts as shown above. If a scheduling conflict has been found, you must resolve that conflict by unchecking the selected Trainer and clicking the Save Changes button again; otherwise the session will not be saved.


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