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When a course has completion settings included, the completion settings are automatically locked so they can't be changed easily. If you need to change the course completion conditions there are two options on what to do with the existing completion data.

Modifying course completion criteria after some users have already completed the course is not recommended since it means different users will be marked as complete for different reasons.

Unlock criteria and delete existing completion data

All completion information for the course and course activities is deleted. You can then set new completion conditions for the course, when you click Save changes on the Completion Settings page Totara will, where possible, recalculate the user completion data according to the new settings the next time cron runs.

If the new completion option is manual, everyone is set to not completed regardless of any previous setting.  If it is automatic then, depending on the options chosen, the system may or may not be able to construct a correct current value for everyone.

The viewed requirement cannot generate a complete status on activities the learner has previously viewed, unless they view it again. 

If you change completion options while a learner is logged in, they may not see the changes for some minutes.

Unlocking completion options and deleting user completion data will not remove RPL completion data.

Unlock criteria without deleting

You can choose to keep all existing course completion records and accept that different users may have received their status for different accomplishments.

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