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The File Picker allows users with the appropriate access to upload files to the Totara site.

Getting Files from the file picker

When the File picker screen appears, a number of links are listed down the side. These are links to repositories.

  • Server files: This takes you to other areas of Totara where files have been uploaded and to which you have access. What you see here depends on your role in the course and your permissions in various system wide contexts.
  • Recent files: This takes you to the last 50 files you have uploaded. It's a quick way of finding files if you want to reuse them, but remember that it will only show you files of the type it thinks you want to use i.e. what you see depends on the context.
  • Upload a file: This is where you click to upload files and folders from your computer.
  • Private files: This is a private file storage area for each user. You can upload files to your private files area from a link in your profile or a side block if it has been added to your course. You can then access those files from the Private files link in the File picker to display on the course page for others.

Searching for files

A search box at the top of the Server files screen allows those users with relevant permissions elsewhere on the site to search other courses for a required file. A trainer who teaches several courses for example can now quickly locate a document used in one of her older courses by typing its name into the Search field.

Emailing private files as an attachment

When these settings are enabled, users will see an email address in their private files screen:

To allow emailing of private files:

  1. Click Server > Incoming mail configuration > Mail settings in the Site Administration menu.
  2. Set Email to private files under Server > Incoming mail configuration > Message handlers in the Site Administration menu.

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