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Labels enable you to add additional text or graphics to your course page. Labels can be used to add banners to courses, label sections of resources and activities, or provide quick instructions on the front page of your course.

To add a label:

  1. Click the Turn editing on button.

  2. Select Insert a label from the Add a resource menu.

  3. Create your label.

  4. Select whether to make your label visible by selecting 'Show' or 'Hide' from the Visible menu.

  5. Complete Common Module settings if required.
  6. Complete Restrict Access if required.
  7. Complete Activity Completion if required.
  8. After you have created your label, click Save changes.

If you want to use a label to identify a grouping of resources and activities within a section, you can indent the links under the label using the arrows adjacent to each resource or activity link. This gives your grouping some visual separation from the rest of the content.


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