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Your face-to-face (e.g. classroom, coaching session) bookings can be viewed from My Learning > My Bookings.

Face-to-face bookings are grouped into future and past bookings.

Viewing session details

  1. Click the name of the course.

  2. Click Cancel to cancel your booking.
  3. Click More info to see the full course details, including the description.
  4. Click View all sessions to see other available sessions.
  5. To change sessions you need to cancel your existing booking, before booking another session.

Enroling on a face-to-face session

Training calendar

You can enrol for a face-to-face session using the training calendar on the Totara home page.

  1. Hover your mouse over the days to see the available face-to-face sessions.
  2. Click the session name to see more details and create a booking.
  3. Click the month name on the training calendar to view the whole calendar and search face-to-face sessions.
  4.  Navigate through the months to see the available face-to-face sessions.
  5. Wait-listed sessions' details appear in the right hand column next to the calendar.
  6. Use the search fields above the calendar to search for a particular course or location.
  7. Click the course name to view the session details.
  8. Click Sign-up for the Face-to-face session to enrol in the session.
  9. Click Sign-up to confirm your enrolment.

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