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The navigation settings can be changed by a site administrator under Settings > Site administration > Appearance > Navigation. Here they can determine preferences for the site such as the default home page, whether to show course categories, and how many courses to display.

The following settings can be changed:

Default home page for users

This determines the home page for logged in users.

Allow guest access to My learningIf enabled guests can access My learning, otherwise guests are redirected to the site front page.-
Show course full namesIf enabled courses in the navigation will be shown using their full name rather than their short name.-
Show course categoriesWhen disabled this hides course categories from being displayed in navigation menus, navigation blocks, and within the breadcrumbs. Enabling this setting means that course categories will always be visible to a user even where they may not be enrolled or have access to those categories.If there is only one category on the site then it will not be displayed in the navigation bar.
Show My course categoriesIf enabled courses in the users My courses branch will be shown in categories.-
Show all coursesThis setting determines whether users who are enrolled in courses can see Courses (listing all courses) in the navigation, in addition to My courses (listing courses in which they are enrolled).-
Show My courses expanded on My learningIf enabled, My courses is initially shown expanded in the navigation block on My learning.-
Sort My coursesThis determines whether courses are listed under My courses according to the sort order (i.e. the order set in Site administration > Courses > Manage courses and categories) or alphabetically by course setting.-
Course limitLimits the number of courses shown to the user when they are either not logged in or are not enrolled in any courses.-
Use site name for site pagesIf enabled the site's shortname will be used for the site pages link in the navigation rather than the string 'Site pages'.-
Link admin categoriesIf enabled all Site Administration menu items will be displayed as links in the navigation and will lead to the admin category pages.-
Always link course sectionsAlways try to provide a link for course sections. Course sections are usually only shown as links if the course format displays a single section per page. If this setting is enabled a link will always be provided.-
Show front page activities in the navigation

If enabled, front page activities will be shown on the navigation under site pages.

Add links to view user postsIf enabled two links will be added to each user in the navigation to view discussions the user has started and posts the user has made in forums throughout the site or in specific courses.-

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