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Objective scales enable you to measure a learners progress towards their learning plan objectives. You can only use one objective scale per learning plan template.

Create an objective scale

  1. Click Learning Plans > Objective scales on the Site administration menu.
  2. Click Add a new objective scale to create a new scale.
  3. Enter the scale Name.
  4. Enter the Objective Values. The values must be entered one per line from highest to lowest.
  5. Click Save changes to save your priority scale.
  6. Select the desired Default value and click Update.

The Default value is the value that automatically appears against an objective in a learner's learning plan.

The Achieved value defines which of the scale values demonstrate successful achievement or not. When creating an objective scale, the Achieved value is the highest scale value by default.

You need to edit the scale value to select a different Achieved value.

Editing an objective scale

  1. To change the properties of the scale, including the name, click the Edit button.
  2. To edit the scale values click the objective scale name.
    1. Click Add new objective scale value to add a new value to this scale. 
    2. Click Edit to change a scale value.
    3. Click Delete to remove a scale value.

Editing an objective scale value

You can add more details to a scale value when you edit it.

  1. Use Scale value ID number to assign a unique ID number to the scale value. 
  2. Objective scale numerical value allows you to assign a numerical value. This numerical value can appear on reports you create in Report Builder.
  3. Click Save changes before leaving the page.

    You can have multiple values marked as achieved allowing degrees of achievement.

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