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Preview an appraisal

At any time, the site administrator can preview the appraisal by selecting the Preview appraisal button.

The user can select which role to Preview appraisal as including the Learner, Manager, Manager's Manager and Appraiser. The preview will pop up in a separate window.

The stages of the appraisal will be displayed. Select the Preview button to view the pages and elements within that stage.

Pages and elements will be displayed. The administrator can select responses and navigate through the pages, but will not have access to save progress, complete stages, save a PDF snapshot, or print the appraisal.

Activate an appraisal

"Static" vs Dynamic Appraisals

If dynamic appraisals are enabled, appraisals can be activated with missing roles (manager, manager’s manager, appraiser), or with no users in an assignment group, and assignment changes can be made whilst an appraisal is active.

Activating an appraisal makes it available to users on their Appraisals page. When an appraisal is activated, the assigned users list is locked, meaning that only the users that are in the groups at that moment will be assigned the appraisal.

If, for example, a learner joins an organisation that already has an activated appraisal, the new learner will not be assigned to the appraisal. Learners will also not be removed from an appraisal; if a learner no longer meets the group requirements because they have changed organisation, position, or have removed from an audience, they will still be assigned the appraisal.

To activate an appraisal, select the Activate link on the Manage appraisals page or select Activate now when you are editing an appraisal.

Activating the appraisal will begin with a review process.

The system will check to make sure that:

  • Learner groups (organisations, positions, audiences) have been assigned to the appraisal.
  • All assigned learners have the manager, manager's manager, and appraiser roles associated with them filled. An appraisal will not be created if, for example, a learner's manager is not set up and an appraisal element requires response from a manager, because the appraisal could not be completed for that learner.
  • There are answerable questions.
  • Every stage of the appraisal has a valid end date.

If any issues are encountered, error messages will be displayed. In the image below, multiple users are missing a manager or appraiser assigned to them in their user profile.

Once the errors have been resolved, select the Activate link to begin the activation process again.

If no errors are found and you are ready to activate the appraisal, select the Activate button.

Note that activating an appraisal disables your ability to update stages, pages and questions and locks the list of assigned users. If a new user is added to one of the learner groups in the appraisal assignment, that user will not be added to the appraisal.

After an appraisal has been activated, the Status will update to 'Active'. The learner, manager, manager's manager, and appraiser will now see the appraisal in the Appraisals page and begin receiving notifications that have been setup for the appraisal.

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