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You may find you need to move your Totara Learn site from one server to another, for a variety of reasons including changes to infrastructure and hosting. 

Recommended migration method

If you wish to migrate your site from one server to another, then we recommend you follow these steps:

  1. From the Administration block go to Site administration > Server > Maintenance mode and enable maintenance mode.
  2. Backup the Totara Learn database on the old server.
  3. Restore the database backup to the new server.
  4. Copy dataroot from the old server to the new server.
  5. Copy the Totara Learn code from the old server to the new server.
  6. Update config.php with the URL of the new server.
  7. Test the copied site.
  8. Update links containing wwwroot in the database.
  9. Take the site out of maintenance mode.


There are a number of consideration to take into account when migrating a site from one server to another, these include whether you wish to upgrade at the same time, as well as some security issues. 


You may also wish to upgrade you site (either from Moodle or from an earlier version of Totara Learn) during the migration process. Although this can be a useful way to save time it does pose some risks, mainly that if anything goes wrong during the joint upgrade and migration process it will be harder to know which process triggered the issue. If you carry out the processes separately it will be easier to isolate a problem and rectify it.  

Security issues

As you are moving from one server to another it is important to consider the setup of this new server and any security changes that may have occurred during the transition. This is especially important in regards to things like, DNS setup as well as internal and external access (the new server might not have the same firewalls setup). It is advised you consider all of these things carefully to ensure you do not forget to enable something on the new server.

If you have Email-based self-registration enabled as an authentication method then you will need to enter new API keys to ensure that the ReCAPTCHA keys are generated from Google. 

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