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Site Administrators can control every aspect of the site and should only be assigned to users who are trusted to have this level of access.

Our recommendation is to only use the Site Administrator account for site administration. For day-to-day use you should always create a limited access account that has the permissions required for your day to day activities.

Only existing Site Administrators can add new Site Administrators to the list by following these steps:

From the Administration block go to Site administration > Users > Permissions > Site administrators.

  1. Use the Users pane to find users, although if you have a lot of users you will need to use the Search box underneath it to find specific users. 
  2. Select the user so they are highlighted and then click the Add button. 

The user will now appear in the Current site administrators pane and you can remove by selecting the user and then clicking the Remove button. You can also select a current administrator and then click the Set main admin button to make them the primary Site Administrator. 

The main Site Administrator has the same permissions as any other Site Administrator except they cannot be removed. If you wish to remove the main Site Administrator you must first set a new main Site Administrator and then you can remove the user who was previously set as main Site Administrator in the normal way (select their name and click Remove). This is to prevent all Site Administrators from being removed accidentally.


Although you can add new Site administrators the role itself cannot be edited (or deleted).

As it is a system role it cannot be assigned via Site administration > Users > Permissions > Assign system roles. Instead you must access Site administration > Users > Permissions > Site administrators as explained above. 

It is recommended that you do not have more than five Site Administrators (depending on your organisational structure) as it may becoming confusing who can make changes and your site will be vulnerable having that many people with such high level of access. You may wish to create a new role with most, but not all, of the permissions of a Site Administrator.

Considerations for using the Site Administrator role

The Site Administrator has bypass logic and access rights to all aspects of the system. This allows them to bypass the normal conditions and procedures a regular user must step through. This means that the site behaviour will be different to the behaviour you'd expect compared to a normal user/learner.

The Site Administrator may wish to utilise the Switch role to... option within the Course administration menu to view content from a different role's perspective and see how this content will appear. It is, however, recommended that when completing learning in a live setting you should create a new learner account and not use your site administrator account.

It is recommended that when completing learning in a live setting you should create a Learner account and not use your Site Administrator account.

Using a Site Administrator account to complete learning and other non-site administration tasks can lead to unexpected behaviour - for example lesson attempts may not be recorded for a Site Administrator and Site Administrators may not be able to submit assignments or quiz attempts. 

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