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This table shows a comparison of all features across all Totara Learn versions. To make it easier the features have been grouped into categories.  










Learning and Delivery

Content Management

SCORM compliance

LTI v2 support

Static content creation

File and folder upload

Drag and drop file upload


Glossary activity

Database activity

Lesson activity

External repository APIs

Content marketplace

Course Management

Multiple course formats

Activity completion criteria

Course completion criteria

Course completion upload

Course completion editor

Record of Prior Learning

Bulk course creation

Recycle bin

Catalogue Management

Categories and subcategories

Backup and restore

Course and Activity tagging

Program and Certification tagging

Tag collections

Custom course fields

Custom search and filters

Custom course icons

Course image

Report based (Enhanced) catalogue

Grid catalogue

Assessment and Achievement

Open Badges

Badge issue for course completion

Badge issue for program completion

Badge issue for audience membership

Custom Certificates

Quiz activity

Drag and drop question types


Assignment activity

Offline and Blended Learning

Seminar events and sessions dashboard

Attendance tracking

Booking management


Waitlisting conflict alerts

Declare interest

Sign-up sheet

Self approval

Manager approval

Two stage approval

Multiple sign up based on attendance status

Asset management

Room management

Manager reservations

Custom notifications

Custom messaging

Custom fields for sign up and cancellation

Custom fields for all forms and elements

Repeat Seminars when enrolled via a Certification


Activity results leaderboard

Topic access restrictions

Quiz access password

Course access keys

Social and Collaborative Learning

Live Chat activity

Forum activity

Pinned forum posts

Forum discussion locking

Workshop (peer review) activity


Totara Connect to Totara Social

Wiki activity

Evaluation and Measuring Engagement

Feedback activity

Conditional Feedback questions

Feedback reminders

Choice activity

Training and Organisational Compliance


In-built admin reports

In-built course reports

Report builder

Scheduled reporting

Scheduled reports sent via email

Scheduled report send to self

Minimum time for scheduled reports

Scheduled report source

Scheduled report capability

Set Scheduled report recipients

Exportable reports

Graphical reporting

Clone report

Global report restrictions

Content restriction by audience

Report column aggregation

Performance optimisation

Report caching


Organisational hierarchies

Positional hierarchies

Competency hierarchies

Custom Completion scales

Link Positions and Organisations to Competencies

Link Positions and Organisations to Company Goals

Totara Sync renamed to HR Import

Support for partial sync within HR Import

Source and schedule settings for each Element

Job Assignment HR Import source

Competency HR Import source

Competency export

Compliance Management



Recertification management

Development and Review

Learning Plans

Custom workflows

Multiple Templates

External Evidence

Evidence custom fields

Dynamically assigned Learning Plans

Performance Management


Dynamic appraisals

Aggregated questions

Personalised appraisal messages

Immediate appraisal messages

Dynamic Appraisal activation email

360° Feedback

Anonymous feedback

External feedback

Self evaluation

Company and Personal Goals

Personal Goal types

Talent Management & Succession Planning

Competencies auto-added to Learning Plans

Competency Types

Proficiency achieved date

User Management

Access Management

Guest access

Self registration

Self registration with approval

Instant access to learning for self registered users

Password expiry for self registered users

Password policy

Password rotation policy

Custom access rights

Persistent login option

Audience Management

Set Audiences

Dynamic Audiences

Disable automatic membership updates

Course/Certification/Program visibility

Course/Certification/Program enrolment

Learning Plan assignment

Goal assignment

Access right assignment

Main menu navigation

Top navigation

Certification based audience rules

Team Management

Team Dashboard

Job Assignment based Seminar approval

All reporting staff (multiple Job Assignments)

User Account Management

Browse user report

Profile information

Users must complete required profile fields upon login

Position assignment

Manager assignment

Multiple manager assignments

Organisation assignment

Primary, Secondary and Aspirational positions

Job Assignments

Enrolment Management

Manual and self enrolment

Audience sync enrolment

Competency based enrolment

Seminar direct enrolment

Learning Plan based enrolment


Versioned Site Policies

Multi-lingual Site Policies

HTML Site Policies

Site Policy consent records

Data policies

Data export

Data purging


Adaptive Learning

Custom Program notifications

Course reordering within sets

‘Then’ and ‘Or’ dividers between Program course sets

‘And’ dividers between Program course sets

Optional courses within Program course sets

Activity completion tracking

Activity access restrictions

Organisation and Position Activity access restrictions

Audience and Preferred Language Activity access restrictions

Time since completing activity restriction

Learner Personalisation

User Themes

Alerts and Tasks

My Learning page

Learner Dashboard(s)

Record of Learning

My Current Learning

Last Course Accessed block

Activity completion based progress bars

Program progress bar based on course set progress

User Tours


Multiple language translation packs

Language customisation

Right-to-Left display support

Multiple timezone support

Multiple date and calendar formats

Design and Navigation

Audience based Dashboards

Clone Dashboards

Access controlled based main menu

Customisable and responsive theme

Customisable user menu

Font based icons

Featured Links block

Program and Certification tiles within Featured Links

Course progress display on Featured Links

Enhanced Gallery display within Featured Links

Quick add Block workflow

Header and footer block regions

Front page centre block

Three levels of Top Navigation

New Administration menu

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