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When running or managing a course there may be times when it is useful to see reports for that course, to see who has been doing what when or which activities are most popular. 

You can access a number of reports on your course from the Administration block by going to Course administration > Reports.

Available reports

LogsView, filter, and/or export a report of what activities have taken place on the course, including when and who by.-
Live logsShows you what is happening on the course at this current time. You can see a range of information including the user's name, what they are using (e.g. Welcome forum), and their IP address.Use the Pause live updates button to temporarily stop refreshing the report or Resume live updates to start it again.
Activity report

Gives you details for each named activity in your course on how many times users have accessed it, how many unique users have accessed it, and the last time it was accessed.

Course participationYou can see how many views and/or posts a user has made for a specific activity on the course. You can then decide to message one or more of the displayed users. Users are displayed by using a role filter, so for example you might decide to view all learners and then select those who have not yet posted in a forum to message them a reminder to post.-
Activity completion

Displays any activities/resources with activity completion requirements alongside a list of users, which a tick under the activities they have completed.

You can export this report as a CSV file.

You can filter by either first initial and/or last initial.

Using reports

To use any of the reports listed above, simply click on the link for the report to view it. So for example, you can follow the path Course administration > Reports > Logs to view the course log report.


You can filter the logs and the course participation report, set your desired filters (including which activities to looks at) and then click Go (course participation) or Get these logs (log). 

Exporting results

You can export the Log and the activity completion report as a CSV file. The logs can additionally be exported in other formats, simply choose a set to filters to display a report and then scroll down to the bottom, select the desired export format from the dropdown menu and click Download

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