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The experimental settings area can be located from the Administration block within Site Administration > Development > Experimental > Experimental settings. It lists features that require additional testing and bug-fixing. Experimental settings will be disabled by default.  

We recommend you use a test server for testing experimental features before enabling them on your production site.

All experimental settings are disabled by default and must be enabled by a Site Administrator. It is important to note that these features are new and may not have been fully tested. Including experimental features means those who want to can try them out and offer feedback to ensure they are improved before they are included in the main site settings as supported features. 

If you do not wish to see the experimental features section at all then you would need to hardcode this out in the cofig.php file.

This adds the choice Require Safe Exam Browser to the Browser security field on the quiz settings form. See http://www.safeexambrowser.org/ for more information.

Enable or disable the dragging and dropping of text and links onto a course page. If enabled when text is dragged and dropped into the course Totara will offer to add it as a label. When a link is dragged and dropped into a course Totara will offer to add it as a URL resource. 

Example of dragging and dropping a URL and text onto a course page.

 Note that the dragging of text into Firefox or between different browsers is unreliable and may result in no data being uploaded, or corrupted text being uploaded.

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