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The folder module enables a trainer to display a number of related files inside a single folder, reducing scrolling on the course page. A zipped folder may be uploaded and unzipped for display, or an empty folder created and files uploaded into it.

Creating a folder

A folder can be created on any course you have editing rights for. 

  1. Click Turn editing on.

  2. Click Folder from the Add a resource menu.
  3. Configure the settings and add your file. 
  4. Click Save changes.

Folder settings 

NameThe name of the folder as it will be displayed on the course page. -
DescriptionOptionally you can add a description of the folder and its contents.-
Display description on course pageDisplay the description on the course page.-
Browse for file (), create a folder (), or drag and drop files/folders into the upload area. 
Display folder contents

Choose from the dropdown menu how you wish to display the content of the folder:

  • On a separate page
  • Inline on a course page
If you choose Inline on a course page then participants view actions can not be logged.
Show subfolders expandedDecide whether you wish to show subfolders expanded (enable this feature) or collapsed (disable this feature). -
Show download folder buttonEnabling this displays a download button for the folder which will download the contents as a ZIP file. -
Common module settingsSee the Common Module settings page for more information.-
Restrict accessSee the Restrict Access page for more information.-
Activity completionSee the Activity Completion page for more information.-
TagsSee the Tags page for more information.-


A folder may be used:

  • For a series of files on one topic, for example a group of policy documents
  • To provide a shared uploading space for trainers on the course page (keeping the folder hidden so that only trainers can see it)

When the folder icon is clicked, the resources it contains are displayed for the learner.

Plugin settings

If you go to Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Folder you can configure the site wide settings. 

Remember to click Save changes once you are finished.


If enabled (ticked), subfolders are shown expanded by default. Otherwise they are shown collapsed.


The maximum size of folder that can be downloaded as a ZIP file. If set to zero, the folder size is unlimited.

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