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As a Site Administrator there are a number of general grading settings you can configure for the site including who can grade as well as a number of default grade behaviours. To change these settings you will need to go to Grade > General settings from the Administration menu. 

Remember to click Save changes when you are done. 


Graded roles

Select the roles you wish to be able to have work graded, these are the people who will appear in the gradebook. By default this is only the Learner role. 


User profile report

On the user's profile there is a Grade link, this setting determines which report this takes them to. By default this is the User report-

Aggregation position

This setting determines where aggregated grades are shown in the gradebook. Aggregated columns are total columns, such as a category total or the course total. These can come either:

  • First: Totals are shown before grade items
  • Last: Totals are shown after grade items

Include scales in aggregation

Although grade scales do not use numbers you can choose to include them in grade aggregations, which will cause them to be calculated at a numeric value. -

Show submitted date for hidden grades

When grades are hidden from a learner they will see a hyphen (-) instead of the grade. By enabling this setting they will instead see the date they submitted the work. -

Enable publishing

If you Enable publishing in exports and imports, exported grades can be accessed by accessing a URL, without having to log on to a Totara site. Grades can be imported by accessing such a URL (which means that a Totara site can import grades published by another site). By default only Site Administrators may use this feature, please educate users before adding required capabilities to other roles (dangers of bookmark sharing and download accelerators, IP restrictions, etc.).-

Grade export display type

You can choose how grades are shown in exports including; Real (the actual grade), percentages, letters, and various combinations of those three. -

Grade export decimal points

Set the default number of decimal places to include in exports. 

Trainers can edit the actual display type right before export for either Grade export display type or Grade export decimal points.

Navigation method

Decide how users will navigate through the gradebook. This can be either dropdown menus, tabs or a combination of tabs and dropdown menus. 


Grade export user and custom profile fields

Enter a comma separated list of any profile fields you wish to include in the export. -

Recover grades default

When a user is removed from a course their grades are also removed. By enabling this setting you set the default action to recover any lost grades when re-enrolling a learner into a course. -

Primary grade export methods

Choose which export formats are your primary methods for exporting grades. Chosen plugins will then set and use a last exported field for every grade. For example, this might result in exported records being identified as being new or updated-

Unlimited grades

Allows grades to be entered that exceed the grade maximum.-

Show minimum grade

Ticking this allows you to edit the minimum grade and set it as something other than the default of 0. -

Grade point maximum

The maximum grade that can be set on the site when using grade point grade type. -
Grade point defaultThe default grade maximum when using the grade point grade type.

Min and max grades used in calculation

This setting determines whether to use the initial minimum and maximum grades from when the grade was given, or the minimum and maximum grades as specified in the settings for the grade item, when calculating the grade displayed in the gradebook. It is recommended that this setting is modified at an off-peak time, as all grades will be recalculated, which may result in a high server load.

For example, if you have an assignment that is worth 20 marks and a learner scores 10/20 (50%).

The trainer then changes the maximum score to 10 marks.

If you choose the Min and max grades as specified in grade item settings option (this is also the default) then the learner would now have a score of 10/10 (100%).

If you choose Initial min and max grades then the learner will have a score of 10/20 (50%) until the trainer regrades them out of 20.

This sets the destination of the Grade link in the user menu to either the overview report or an external URL.-
External URLIf external URL is set above then this is where you can enter it. -
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