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IP blocker allows a Site Administrator to set a range of allowed and/or blocked Internet IP addresses.
  1. Go to Site Administration > Security > IP blocker via the Administration block.
  2. Check the box Allowed list will be processed first if you wish for entries in the allowed IP list to be processed before the blocked list.
  3. Enter the desired addresses to either the allowed or blocked sections.
  4. Click Save changes when you are done. 

When adding IP addresses you will need to put every entry on one line. Blank lines are ignored. 

Valid entries are either:

  • Full IP address such as '' which matches a single host
  • Partial address such as '192.168.' which matches any address starting with those numbers
  • CIDR notation such as '' 
  • A range of IP addresses such as '' where the range applies to the last part of the address

Text domain names (like are not supported.

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