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When using an elearning system it is important to model an effective learning architecture from the beginning that also takes into account your organisation's needs. You will need to ensure the right balance of resources and activities, utilising the many features in Totara such as courses, programs, certifications, and competencies.

Courses act as a container for a single strand of learning, whereas programs allow you to weave multiple strands together to create a bigger picture. Within a program or a course you might have certain required and optional aspects to aid the learner's journey. Certifications are useful for repeating units of study, where you may require learners to recertify at specific intervals. Competencies help demonstrate specific skills that might need to be learnt and demonstrated. You may find you need to use all or some of these features, along with many others, to create your ideal learning architecture. 

As this is a very tailored process that will vary by organisation, it is hard to offer any overarching advice. Instead it is recommend that you discuss any specific needs with your Totara partner.

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Although it is hard to offer advice we can offer inspiration. Below are some Totara resources that you might find helpful:

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