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If you have a media file (such as audio or video) that you want to display on a Totara Learn page then this can be done by embedding the file.

Embedding audio and video 

Audio and video may be embedded in a course in the following ways:

The media file link is then replaced with an appropriate multimedia player which can play the resource.

Enabling media embedding

To enable the embedding of media files, an admin must enable:

  1. Appropriate media players (see below).
  2. The Multimedia plugins filter (unless you only want to allow embedding in File, URL, and Lesson modules).

Site administration settings

A Site Administrator can enable selected media players in Administration> Site administration > Appearance > Media embedding.

Available players

  • YouTube: Displays videos hosted on YouTube.
  • Vimeo: Displays videos hosted on Vimeo.
  • Flash video Files: This includes the .flv and .f4v file formats. It plays video clips using Flowplayer, requires Flash plugin and javascript.
  • Macromedia Flash animation: These are .swf files from Adobe, Inc.

Only used in trusted texts as it has potential security issues.

  • HTML 5 audio: Including the file formats: .ogg, .acc, and .mp3.
  • HTML 5 video: Including the file formats: .webm, .m4v, and .ogv.

Used primarily for mobile devices. (Format support depends on browser).

Legacy media players

The following legacy media player formats are also available but not recommended for general usage:

  • QuickTime player: This requires QuickTime player or codec and is compatible with the following extensions: .mov.mp4.m4a, and .mpg (MPEG animation). 
  • Windows media player: Created by Microsoft, this is not guaranteed to work in browsers other than IE. Compatible with .wmv and .avi file extensions. 
  • Real media player: Works with the following file extesions: .rm.ra.ram.rp, and .rv
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