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From within Advanced settings it is possible to enable messaging at a side-wide level. This means that users in Totara Learn will have the option to send each other instant messages.

Messages can be sent from:

  • Under the Administration block via Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Bulk user actions
  • Within a course from Navigation > Current course > Participants
  • As any logged in user from the Messages block or Online users block (where available)
  • From the messages page via the User menu 

A users can choose how they wish to be notified of new messages (when logged in or logged out) via their User menu within Preferences > Messaging.  

The choices a user has on this screen depends on their role and permissions. For example, a Site Administrator would also see options for notifications about backups or important errors with the site.

After selecting messages from the User menu, use the Message navigation dropdown menu to select from your existing contacts, view Recent conversations or Notifications or view the contacts available within any enrolled/associated Courses.

Alternatively use the Search feature to find specific users within the LMS or for a specific message from previous conversations.

Sending a message

To send a new message you will need to:

  1. Find the recipient user within the site either from
    • The Contacts list
    • From within a course
  2.  Click on the user's name to open the message editing area.
  3. Enter your message in the box provided.
  4. Click Send message.

Your message will be saved as the first item within a Conversation.

Contacts will include both active and suspended users. Suspended users will be able to see messages in the site once their suspension is lifted.

The recipient will be notified of your Message (as per their messaging notification preferences) and their response will be captured within the same Conversation. You may have any number of Conversations running at the same time.

Adding a contact

To add another user as a Contact, either use the Add contact icon () on the user display list or the Add contact link under a selected user's profile picture.


You can also view past Conversations via the Message History icon () or prevent a user from sending you any messages via the Block contact icon ( )

Recent notifications

Notifications include any messages from the system such as alerts or tasks that you have received.  This might include notification of a learning plan being approved, a graded assignment returned, or an upcoming re-certification.

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