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When logged in you are able to see the Record of Learning option in the main menu.

From the Record of Learning menu you can also access your Learning plans, Required Learning, and Record of Learning from the sideblock.

Learning Plans

This displays all the Learning Plans that have been assigned to you currently and in the past.

Learning Plans can include Courses, Competencies, Objectives, and Program with manager approval workflows included.

learning plan screenshot

A summary of the learning plan including the due date and progress status is displayed.

Record of Learning

Your Record of Learning displays evidence, competencies, objectives and programs, along with certifications that you have completed or are currently completing.

If a user does not have any records in the Competencies, Objectives, Programs, or Certifications sections then the tab will not show; the Other Evidence tab is always visible.

The records are separated into one of the following:

  • All Learning displays all results.
  • Active Learning displays only current results.
  • Completed Learning displays completed results and course progress for unenrolled courses.

When courses, programs and certifications are visible to all users, at the point the user is enrolled or assigned, a record is created in their Record of Learning. Once a user has made progress this item will be kept and displayed as a permanent record in their Record of Learning, regardless of visibility settings.

Required Learning

All your learning assigned to you through Programs or Certifications are displayed with a summary of your progress displayed.

Required learning screenshot

Add Other Evidence to Record of Learning

  1. Select Record of Learning.
  2. Select the Other evidence tab.
  3. Select Add evidence.
  4. If there are evidence types you can select a type or category for this piece of evidence.
  5. Set an optional completion date.
  6. Fill in any evidence custom fields that have been added.
  7. Add up to 10 files to the evidence.

Once you’ve created evidence you can:

  • View, edit or delete it.
  • See if it is being used in any learning plans.
  • Open the files that were attached by clicking the link.
  • Export the list of evidence to a file.

The links in the left navigation will filter the evidence:

  • All learning: Displays all evidence. 
  • Completed learning: Displays evidence with a date completed that’s in the past.
  • Active Learning: Displays evidence with no completed date or a date in the future.

Audience visibility

Whether or not audience visibility is turned on for a course, program, or certification will affect how it is presented in the record of learning. 

With audience visibility turned off:

  • Course: Any assigned users will see the course greyed out in their record of learning. They will also be unable to access the course by clicking it. 
  • Program/Certification: Any user assigned to the program will see the it in their record of learning. They can see the program content when clicked.

With audience visibility turned on:

  • Course: If the course is set to No users, then anyone assigned to the course won't see it in their record of learning or required learning. They also can't access it via the URL.
  • Program/Certification: If the program is set to No users, then any assigned users won't see it in their record of learning or required learning.
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