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The Navigation block provides contextual navigation and quick access to various areas across the site - the content dynamically adapts to the area of the site you are viewing.

Navigation block.

On the front page of your Totara Learn site, the Navigation block shows the following items:

  • Dashboard: Links to your Dashboard(s)
  • Site pages: Links to site pages and resources available from the front page.
  • My courses: Provides a list of courses in which you are currently enrolled or teaching. Clicking on the name of a course will take you directly to the course home page. Alternatively you can expand the course menu and navigate quickly to a specific area of that course.  If you are not enrolled in any courses then a list of all available courses will be displayed instead. 

When viewing a course, the Navigation block will show Current course and the associated course structure and content.

A number of settings relating to the items displayed within the Navigation block can be found within the Administration block within Site administration > Appearance > Navigation.

Site administrators can manage the Navigation block by clicking on the Actions icon () and Configure Navigation block.  Note editing must be turned on for the Actions icon to display, so you may need to navigate to the site front page, then under the Administration block, go to Front page settings > Turn editing on. 

Allow the user to dock this blockSet whether users can Dock this block.-
Display categories as linksSelect whether Course categories will be links to the Category or whether only Course names are links.-
Trim modeChoose whether characters of navigation items will be trimmed (when needed) from the left, center, or right. -
How many characters to trim toSpecify the number of characters for the trim mode option above.-
Generate navigation for the followingSet which items will be displayed in the Navigation: Everything, Categories and courses, Categories and courses and course structures, or Categories and courses and Course Activities.-
Original block locationThis shows the original location where the block was created. Block settings may cause it to appear in other locations (contexts). The block location for the Navigation block will display as System.-
Page contextsContexts are more specific types of pages where this block can be displayed. Choose from Display throughout the entire site, Display on the front page and any pages added to the front page, or Display on the front page only.-
Default region may define one or more named block regions where blocks are displayed. This setting defines which of these you want this block to appear in by default. The region may be overridden on specific pages if required.-
Default weightThe default weight allows you to choose roughly where you want the block to appear in the chosen region, either at the top or the bottom. The final location is calculated from all the blocks in that region (for example, only one block can actually be at the top). This value can be overridden on specific pages if required.-

These options allow you to control where this block appears within the page you are currently viewing.  Changes made here are applied to this specific page only.  All other pages will continue to use the default block position unless changed in the same way.

Editing trainers can modify the position of a block on a specific page when editing is turned on, by using the corresponding drag and drop icon () to move the block into the desired position.

VisibleChoose whether the Navigation block displays on the page on which you are currently located.-
RegionChoose whether the Navigation block displays on the 'Left', 'Right' or 'Main' content area.-
WeightSelect the Weight or default location/order of the Navigation block within the current page. Choose a value between -10 (first) and +10 (last).-

Select Save changes to save all settings or Cancel to disregard any changes.

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