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If an activity or resource is in a topic that is not visible it becomes an orphaned activity. This means that the activity still exists on the course but learners cannot see it. However, unlike a hidden activity, learners can still interact with an orphaned activity if they are given a link to it. 


This can be useful for a number of reasons:

  • To archieve an item for later use (so that it doesn't clutter the course).
  • So that you can link to it in another way. 

For example you might want to link to a glossary in an activity description but not have it viewable on the main course page. If you orphan the glossary then you can still link to it but the activity will not appear on the course. 

You might also wish to hyperlink your own icon or image to an activity to give a more bespoke look and feel. 

Creating an orphaned activity

To create an orphaned activity follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your course has one more topic than you want. 
  2. Move the activity you wish to orphan to the last topic on the course.
  3. Remove the last topic (by clicking the minus icon () under the topics section). 

In the example below the course only has 9 topics, the 10th topic has been removed whilst the forum activity was still in it. 

Orphaned activity

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