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Version 9 of Totara Learn features a range of new functionality as well as our initial steps towards improving the overall look and feel of the system.  While many of the design changes are behind the scenes for most users, these updates provide the building blocks for a more modern, streamlined interface, out of the box.

For all Users

Seminar Management

The Face-to-Face module has evolved into the Seminar module and has a range of new features to help support your offline and blended learning programs.  

  • Seminars now a top level item within the Site Administration menu
  • Administration overview report and Dashboard
  • Downloadable sign-in sheets
  • Google maps custom field type
  • Restrict sign-up period
  • Two-stage manager approval
  • Rooms selectable at date level 
  • Create and Manage Assets
  • Room, Asset and Event Cancellation custom fields 
  • Minimum booking numbers and notification
  • Add/remove attendee improvements
  • Language string changes (Seminars, Events and Sessions)
  • Ability to send messages to unapproved users in Seminar

For more information please see Seminar Management.


General user interface improvements

Including a new default theme, new top level navigation and an improved default dashboard, Totara 9 sees us moving towards a more modern default design and improved user experience of Totara Learn.

With testing against WCAG 1, WCAG 2 and Section 508 standards, Totara 9 sees further improvements to accessibility and the use of screen readers, including the removal of HTML-based tables and labels for links, images and menus.

  • New default theme
  • Updated navigation
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Improved default dashboards

Last Course Accessed block

Navigating back to the last course you were working on has never been easier for learners and trainers alike, with the new Last Course Accessed block. Featuring a link to the completion requirements for the course, learners can check on their progress to date.

My Current Learning block

Providing quick and easy access to programs, certifications and courses, the new My Current Learning block allows learners to see at glance what learning they need to undertake alongside completion dates.

Support for multiple job assignments

Job Assignments allows users to hold any number of custom job assignments, with each job optionally linked to a position, organisation, manager, appraiser and/or temporary manager.

This means learners can capture all of their different responsibilities within their roles and across the organisation, and nominate different line managers for each job assignment.

For more information please see Job Assignments.

Dynamic assignment of learning plans

Totara 9 allows you to automatically create a new learning plan for every member of an audience as soon as they are added to the group. Perfect for managing induction programs and succession planning.

For more information please see Learning Plans.

Evidence custom fields

Administrators can now create custom fields for evidence items added to a user's record of learning and linked to items within their learning plan, allowing you to capture all the information you need to assess RPL, compliance and completion.  Please see Evidence for more information. 

Moodle 3.0 features

For the final time, we've merged the full Moodle code into core Totara 9.  We'll still look at merging any exciting and useful features for our Subscribers and Partners in future releases. Moodle 3.0 brings us a number of improvements including:

  • Drag and drop quiz questions
  • Ability to display upload and modified date against file resources
  • 'Categories and items' now called 'Gradebook setup' with a direct link from the course administration menu
  • All course section editing buttons listed under one "Edit" dropdown menu
  • Improvements to the Atto HTML editor
  • Option to allow duplicate email addresses

Have a look thought the Moodle 3.0 Release Notes for full notes

For Designers

With new font-based icons on top of a new core forms library, you will have the foundations for creating exciting new themes and an engaging learning environment. 

Additionally, the Standard Totara responsive, Custom Totara responsive, bootstrap base, and Kiwifruit responsive themes have been deprecated in Totara Learn v9. You can read more in the Totara Learn developer documentation.

For System Administrators and Developers

  • AMD module conversion
  • Support for PHP7
  • Javascript implementation for new Totara Learn core forms library
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