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A wiki is a collaborative space where you can create and edit content along with other users. Wikis are often used to build knowledge bases but can be used for a range of collaborative activities. 

Unlike other activities there are no plugin settings to configure for the wiki activity under Plugins > Activity modules, although you can choose to enable or disable the plugin here. 

(The video above is taken from the Glossary and wiki course in the Totara Academy). 

Creating a wiki

To create a new wiki follow the steps below on any course you have editing access to. 

  1. Click Turn editing on.
  2. Select Wiki from the Add an activity menu.
  3. Customise the available settings as required.
  4. Click Save and display (or Save and return to course).
  5. You will then need to choose the format for your first page and click Create page

You can now start editing the first page. 

Creating a page

The first page of your wiki is automatically created during the creation of the wiki (as detailed in the steps above). 

To create subsequent pages you will need to follow the advice for adding and linking pages. There is no button to create new pages, instead these are created from within an existing page. 

Wiki settings 

Wiki nameThe name you give to your wiki here will appear as the link on the course page for your learners to click.-
Wiki descriptionExplain the purpose of your wiki here.This description may or may not be compulsory depending on your admin's settings)

Display description on course page

If this box is checked, then the description you added above will appear with the wiki link on the course page.-
First page nameThe name you add here will form the first page of your new wiki.This is a mandatory field, and once you have entered a name it cannot be changed.
Wiki mode

Choose between:

  • Individual wiki: Where each learner gets their own
  • Collaborative wiki: Where learners work together on a single wiki
The individual wiki is shared between the user and their Trainer(s)/Editing Trainer(s). It can be used as a journal or note taking area, as it's not visible to other Learners.

Default format

Set the default type of editing your wiki will use. Choose from:

  • HTML: Editing using the normal text editor
  • Creole: A popular wiki editing language. If this is selected, a small editing toolbar will appear
  • NWiki: A wiki editing language used in the contributed NWiki module
The most commonly used format is HTML.
Force formatIf you check this box then Learners cannot choose their own method of editing the wiki.-

Common module settings

See Common Module Settings to learn more.


Activity completion

See Activity Completion to learn more.


Restrict access

See Restrict Access to learn more.



See Tags to learn more. 


Using a wiki

Once you have created your wiki you can then view, edit, and manage the content within it. When you open a wiki you will notice a number of tabs:

  • View: To view the current page
  • Edit: To edit the current page
  • Comments: To leave comments on the current page
  • History: To see changes and compare versions of the current page
  • Map: To navigate between pages
  • Files: To manage files in the wiki
  • Administration: To manage pages

To start editing simply open the wiki and then click the Edit tab and start adding content in the editor. You can add text, images, and multi-media content.  

Edit a wiki.

Viewing the wiki

You can only view the wiki one page at a time, so whichever page is selected will be the one that is displayed under the View, Edit, CommentHistoryMap, and Administration tabs. You can navigate between pages using either the Map or Administration tabs.

The Map tab shows lists of pages based off various criteria including (but not limited to):

  • Contributions: Pages you have edited
  • Links: To and from the current page
  • Page list: An alphabetical list of all pages

The Administration tab allows you to delete () and edit () pages. By default the current page will be displayed but by clicking List all you can display all pages to make changes to them or navigate to them by clicking on them. You can also delete page versions to revert to an older version of the page. 

If you wish to compare versions of a page then this can be done via the History tab. 

Managing wiki page versions.

Once you have created the initial page you can add additional pages by creating links from it.

  1. Go to an existing page and enter the new page name inside double square brackets e.g. [[new page]].
  2. Click Save.
  3. View the original page and click the red link for the new page.
  4. Confirm the page format and click Create page

You can now enter content to the new page, remember to click Save when you are done. 

Linking pages 

You can create a link from any existing page to any other existing page(s) by entering the name of the page(s) you wish to link to in double square brackets e.g. [[existing page]].

If you are linking to multiple pages then they will all need to be added in their own double square brackets e.g. [[existing page 1]] [[existing page 2]]. You do not need to separate multiple pages with commas but you may wish to do this for formatting.

If you enter the name of a page that does not yet exist during this process then you can create it as described above. 

Adding and linking a new wiki page.

Editing pages

To edit a page you will need to navigate to the navigate to a page via the Map tab. 

  1. View the page list on the Map tab.
  2. Select the page you wish to edit from the list.
  3. Click the Edit tab to edit that page. 
  4. Click a file to edit, delete or download that particular file. 


The Comments tab is used to make comments on the current page. This can be a useful place to discuss any required actions, allocate work, and leave feedback.

  1. Go to the Comments tab. 
  2. Click Add comment
  3. Type your comment.
  4. Click Save changes.

Once you have added a new comment you can also edit () or delete it () under the Comments tab.


The Files tab allows you to upload, edit, and delete files associated with the wiki. Files can be uploaded directly here or within a page but they are all managed here. 

  1. Within the Files tab click Edit wiki files
  2. Here you can do one or more of the following:
    • Click the add file button () to add a new file.
    • Click the download button () to download all files.
    • Click on a file to edit, download, or delete it.
  3. Once you are done click Save changes

Managing files.

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