In Totara you may use language packs to localise your site for other languages. Any language packs you use will include the name of the operating system locale, which is used for formatting dates. If the server's locale name is different to the locale name found in the language pack, a number of errors can arise where dates are displayed on your site (e.g. on the calendar). The locale compatibility check tool allows you to check that your language pack locale names will work with your server. You can find this tool by going to Quick-access menu > Localisation > Locale compatibility check.

The locale compatibility check tool.

Fixing errors

Under the Lang pack locales test result heading a table will display all of your language packs along with the locale they use. The test result column will display OK if the locale name is available on your server, or Error if there is an issue.

If you identify any errors while using this tool you can address the problem by installing the appropriate locale on your server.

Alternatively if you want to use a custom language locale you can change them by locally overriding the language pack. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Quick-access menu > Localisation > Language customisation.
  2. Select the language pack you need to fix from the dropdown list.
  3. Click Open language pack for editing.
  4. Once the language pack has loaded, click Continue.
  5. Select the langconfig.php component and locate the locale string using the String identifier filter.
  6. Click Show strings.
  7. Change the value of the locale string (or localewin on Windows), using the equivalent locale name from the Available server locales list on the Locale compatibility check page.
  8. Click Save changes to the language pack.

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