Depending on the Allow cancellation settings within the Seminar Activity, a learner can Cancel their booking for an Event.  For more information please see Creating a seminar activity.

Site Administrators, Editing Trainers, and Trainers can view a list of all Learners who have cancelled their booking via the Cancellations tab within the Attendees area of an Event.

Where a Cancellation Reason has been submitted it will be displayed under the Reason heading of the cancellation summary list alongside any Custom fields that have been added to the User Cancellation form (please see Creating Custom fields for more information).

The eye icon () allows you to edit the cancellation note if required.

Cancellation type include User Cancellation where a learner or someone on the learner's behalf has cancelled their attendance or an Event Cancellation where the entire Event has been cancelled by an Administrator, Editing Trainer, or Trainer. 

Example of cancellation screen. 

Where an Event is has Cancellations, you may Export the list of users in CSV, Excel or ODS format.  Selecting the required format from the dropdown list will begin the Export and you will be promoted to Open or Save File on your computer.

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