Connections are relationships or links with other Totara Social users (People) in order to share content, message or chat with each other. You can choose who you want to connect with and may also receive connection requests from other people.

Connecting with other people in Totara Social allows you to:

  • View Content that they have created, such as BlogsStatus UpdatesQuestions and Pages.
  • Share content that you have created with your connections.
  • See which of your connections are online when you are.
  • Talk with your connections in real-time using the Chat tool.
  • View what your connections are doing on the site in your Activity Stream.

Viewing connections

You can use the left-hand menu to quickly view your connections (by clicking Connections) or you can search your connections by clicking the magnifying glass icon. By clicking the name of a person you will be taken to their profile page.

If you enter multiple words into the Search field, only results that match all the words will be returned.

If you want a fuller view or to do anything else with connections you will need to click the View all people button, which will take you to the People page. 

Managing connections

In the middle of the people page there is a list of the people you are currently connected to, under the option My connections. Alongside each connection you will see a cog icon, which will allow you to Send messageInstant chat, or Remove connection for that individual user. 

By clicking the Everyone option you can see a list of all users (people) on the site. Alongside each user you are not connected with there will be a cog icon that allows you to send a message, and a button to either:

  • Request connection: You'll be prompted to enter a message as to why you'd like to connect and then click Connect. The person can then decide to accept or decline your request.
  • Connect: You will instantly be able to connect with that person. 

If you are already connected to that person then you will see Connection alongside their name as a word rather than a button. 

Both the My connections and Everyone lists can be sorted by; Last nameFirst name, or Most recentAdditionally, the Everyone list offers the option to order by Recommended.

On the right of the people page there is a block, the Connections control block allows you to decide how others can connect with you, choose from:

  • New connections require my authorisation: You will be notified when someone requests to connect and can approve or deny it. When searching/browsing other users will see a Connect button next to your name. 
  • New connections are automatically authorised: Other people can automatically connect with you. When searching/ browsing they will see a Connect button next to your name.

People page

Responding to connection requests

If you have your Connections control set to require authorisation then you will be able to see pending requests via the People page. The request will appear in three places:

  • On the people page there will be a new option for Pending connections.
  • If you are viewing the list of Everyone then alongside the user who sent the request you will see buttons to Accept or Decline their request. 
  • You will get a notification in the form of an Inbox message on Totara Social. Click Review to be taken to the user's profile page so you can accept or decline the request. 

Accepting a request

To accept a request you will need to find it (either in your Inbox or via the Pending connections option on the people page) and then clicking the Accept button. The person will instantly be added to your connections. A notification of the new connection will appear in the activity stream for you, your new contact, and any of your existing connections. 

A confirmation will also be sent as a message to their Totara Social inbox (depending on their notification settings). 

Declining a request

If you wish to deny the request then you can do so by locating the request (in your Inbox or via the Pending connections option on the people page) and then clicking the Decline button. This will then prompt you to enter a Reason for rejecting request (you can leave this blank) and then click Deny connection request

The person who requested the connection will receive a message in their Totara Social  Inbox that the request has been rejected (with or without a reason depending if you entered one). 

Pending connection request

Using chat

The Chat tool allows you to send instant messages to your connections and groups, facilitating swift communications.

Select the chat icon (two speech bubbles) in the top-right corner of your Totara Social screen to display your Chat box.

  1. In the Chat box, select the name of the Connection or Group you wish to send a message to. 
  2. Type your message in the field at the bottom of the chat window. 
  3. Press Enter on your keyboard to send the message. Your message will display to the connection or group members you sent it to if they are currently online.

If you or your connection are not online when the message is sent then you can still see the messages when next open chat and click on user's name. 

Chat box

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