External feeds (Anders Pink)

Anders Pink allows you to create briefings based around topics that are of interest to you, pulling from sources across the web. You can now embed these briefings into one of your Totara Social groups. The briefings will then appear in your group and personal activity streams.  


Simplified group permissions

The list of options for creating a group have been rethought and simplified. You still have a lot of control over how your group is set up, but in a much more straight forwarded manner. 


Ability to mention yourself

Whereas previously you could only mention others you can now also mention yourself. This can be helpful if you want to ensure you get a notification (to use as a reminder) for example. 


New layout/navigation

The top menu bar changed and there are now two main areas for navigation, the top right corner and a menu bar on the left of the screen. The left-hand menu contains a lot of what you would have previously found in the top menu bar, including Connections and Groups. However it is important to note that what was All content in Totara Social v2 has now been moved under each user's Profile and is now referred to as My content


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