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Schedule a report

Users may choose to schedule reports to run automatically. 

  1. Go to the Reports page (from the top navigation bar) and scroll down to the Scheduled Reports section.
  2. A dropdown of reports will be available to choose from. Select the report and click the Add scheduled report button.
  3. Configure your desired settings.
  4. Click the Save changes button.

When a report is scheduled which requires a specific item to be selected before the report details are available the scheduled report will still show all items, and not just those selected, as the details are not saved within the scheduled report. 

For example, the Appraisal details report requires the user to select an appraisal before the report is made available. However, the scheduled report based on the Appraisal details report will show all appraisals (without the details) because the selection of the specific appraisal is not saved with the scheduled report.

Scheduled reports section of the reports page.

There are two main capabilities that relate to scheduled reports. The totara/reportbuilder:createcheduledreports capability allows a user to create scheduled reports. If a user does not have this capability, they will not see the Scheduled Reports section (i.e. with the Create scheduled report button) when they go to the Reports page.

Additionally, there is the separate totara/reportbuilder:managescheduledreports capability which allows users to see, edit, or delete all scheduled reports in the system.

Empty reports

If you have a scheduled report that is due but contains no data then the empty report will not be sent to the scheduled receivers. Instead an explanation of why the report has not been sent (e.g. that it contains no data) will be sent to the selected user(s).  



The name of the report you are setting up a schedule for. This is not editable.


The Data dropdown allows you to select whether to export All data or select a saved search if any have been created.


Choose the Export file format that report data will be saved in.


Schedule allows you to select the frequency for running the report. The report could run every X minutes, every X hours, daily, weekly, or monthly. After selecting the interim, dropdowns for the time of day, the day of the week, or day of the month will be available for selection as well. 


Select Add audiences and choose audience you want to receive the report. 

System users

Select Add system user(s) and choose system users to receive the report. 

Send to selfTick this option to send a copy of the report to yourself, via the email address you have registered on the site.-
External users emailSelect External users email and type in an individual email address and Add email.-

Totara Academy

The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using Reports in Totara. Here you can learn more on how to use reports, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.

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