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As open source projects, Totara LMS Learn and Totara Social offer many advantages for partners and subscribers include the freedom to customize the platform. Within the Totara core team, we intentionally design and develop the platform to make it as flexible and adaptable as possible, and we encourage you to customize the platform to truly meet your customers’ needs.


  • Financial Rebates: Totara Learning Solutions has an incentive mechanism for rewarding code contributions through providing credits agreed with the contributing party.
  • Easier upgrade path for your customers: Contributions that are incorporated into the Totara product results avoids costly code conflicts when upgrading to future versions.
  • Supported code: Once merged into core, your code is supported by the Totara R&D team. Any subsequent bug fixes will be provided as part of Totara’s standard support agreement.
  • Code ported to future Totara versions: Ongoing support includes porting your code to new Totara releases. When a new version of Totara is released, your contribution will be updated to work with the new version by the Totara team.
  • Code quality checks: The Totara R&D team has a robust review and testing process. All code is reviewed to ensure security, stability, scalability, and cross-platform functionality.
  • Ongoing improvements: Existing features are regularly extended or improved, either by the Totara team or via partners and subscribers. This means your feature will likely gain further enhancements for free.
  • Language translations: Totara Learning Solutions has a team of translators who provide language packs in a wide range of languages. As part of the core product, your contribution will be automatically translated into all supported languages.
  • Everyone benefits: Your contribution improves Totara LMS Learn for all subscribers. Similarly contributions from others benefit your use of Totara. Together, we can accelerate the development of Totara to the benefit of all users.


When first considering work on a new piece of functionality, post a new discussion in the Suggest Features forum in the Totara Community website’s Subscriber area:

For Totara LMSLearnhttp://community.totaralms.com/mod/forum/view.php?id=817


The diagram below captures the overall code contribution process.