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In order to use the Find learning tab in Microsoft Teams you need to ensure that the Catalogue default view is set to Grid. You can do this by navigating to Quick-access menu > Advanced Configure features > Catalogue default view, then select Grid from the dropdown list.

Additionally if you want to use Current learning functionality in the Microsoft Teams app you need to enable the Current learning block. You can do this by navigating to Quick-access menu > Plugins > Blocks > Manage blocks, then ensure that the eye icon in the Hide/show column is open for the block.



Microsoft Teams requires the catalogue images displayed in the messaging extension to be made publicly-accessible via direct URL. This means that in order to display item images in the messaging extension the Allow public access to catalogue item pictures setting needs to be enabled via Quick-access menu > Security on your Totara siteIf you do not wish to enable this setting, the messaging extension will still be fully functional without the displayed images.

Totara Engage only

If you set up a Microsoft Teams integration with only a Totara Engage subscription then the app will be limited to Engage functionality, such as the Library  Library (creating, viewing and interacting with resources and playlists), the the Find learning learning page and relevant Totara notifications. Messaging extensions and pinning items to a Teams channel are both available, but content will be limited to Resources resources and Playlistsplaylists. If you create an app with multiple Totara subscriptions and then change your subscription to Totara Engage only, you will need to download the manifest file again and use it to update the app in Microsoft Teams. You can find more information about updating your app on the Microsoft Teams integration pagedo not wish to display the Current Learning tab, ensure that the Current Learning block is disabled prior to uploading the manifest file.


The Current Learning block can be disabled under Quick-access menu > Plugins > Blocks > Manage blocks under the Show/hide column.

The Totara Engage library in the MS Teams app.

Totara Learn

If you have Totara Learn installed then you can access learning resources in two ways.


Once you have completed these steps your users will receive Totara notifications, such as assignment or feedback notifications, within Microsoft Teams.

Updating an existing app

If you are updating your app or making changes to the app name, description, icon, or adding or making changes to the language packs/strings, you will need to download and re-upload the manifest file. When you are creating a new manifest file you need to ensure that you update the app version number in the semver format, e.g. 1.0.0 to 1.0.1.

Once you have made the required updates, click Save and go to the Totara app installation setting.

  1. Go to Team admin settings > Manage apps (
  2. Search for your app and select it.
  3. Click Update.
  4. Select the downloaded file.
  5. If Microsoft Teams says the app already exists, you should keep increasing the version number, re-download and re-upload a manifest file.

Please note that it can take up to 30 minutes for the app to update for all users, and may require restarting the app.

Customising the app

The Microsoft Teams integrations settings in Totara allow you to customise your app before downloading the manifest file. This configuration includes the app name, descriptions and icons. 

Short name and full nameThe app name is defined in the short and/or full name fields. Note that the app full name is optional, but it may be suitable if your organisation name is longer than 30 characters. For example, you could use the short name field if your organisation has a longer name but is commonly known by an acronym.
Short descriptionThis field should be used for a short summary of the app. This description will be displayed in the app catalogue and will help users to identify your app.
Full descriptionThe full description is intended for a more in-depth overview of the app and its capabilities. This will be displayed beneath the short description in the app catalogue.
Full colour iconThis is the icon that will appear in the catalogue or any other modal. The standard format is .PNG
Outline iconThe outline icon will appear in the side panel where the app will be pinned. The standard format is .PNG
Accent colour

The accent colour is the background colour that will be displayed behind the icon image. This will only be visible for icon .PNG images that have a transparent background. This colour is also used on the sign-in card.

Once the configurations have been set and saved, a manifest file will be created.

Pinning your app

With the organisation-wide admin settings within Microsoft Teams, you can pin your app so that it appears on the left panel by default for all your users. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the MS Teams policies settings (
  2. Select the audience for your setup policy. This is likely to be Global (the organisation-wide default) unless you have specified otherwise.
  3. Click Add apps.
  4. Search for your app and select it by clicking Add.

Totara Academy

Image AddedThe Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to integrating Totara Engage with MS TeamsHere you can learn more about how to set up your integration and start using Totara with MS Teams.