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If your subscription also includes Totara Learn then users can access learning activities within the app. All Totara Learn activities are fully functional in the Microsoft Teams app with a few exceptions. Due to the dynamic nature of the wiki and external tool activities, it is recommended that these activities are opened in the browser. This ensures that all functionality is available. An Open in browser button in the navigation panel allows users to open any page in a browser window at any time. For these activities a note will recommend that users open the activity in their browser.

SCORM activities can be accessed within Microsoft Teams. When editing the settings of a SCORM activity, the Display package setting (in the Appearance section) will affect how the activity displays in Microsoft Teams. The Current window setting will ensure that the SCORM activity opens within Microsoft Teams.


Note that the New window and New window (simple) options for the Display package setting may not be fully compatible with Microsoft Teams, and the user will therefore be prompted to open the activity in the browser.

External URLs

When using the URL activity you need to ensure that the activity uses either the New window or In pop-up setting. This ensures that external URLs are opened in a browser, as Teams applications do not support external URLs within the application itself. You can ensure that the New window option is enabled by navigating to Quick-access menu > Plugins > Activity modules > URL, then selecting New window for the Available display options setting, then Save changes.


The Microsoft Teams integrations settings in Totara allow you to customise your app before downloading the manifest file. This configuration includes the app name, descriptions and icons. 

Short name and full nameThe app name is defined in the short and/or full name fields. Note that the app full name is optional, but it may be suitable if your organisation name is longer than 30 characters. For example, you could use the short name field if your organisation has a longer name but is commonly known by an acronym.
Short descriptionThis field should be used for a short summary of the app. This description will be displayed in the app catalogue and will help users to identify your app.
Full descriptionThe full description is intended for a more in-depth overview of the app and its capabilities. This will be displayed beneath the short description in the app catalogue.
Full colour iconThis is the icon that will appear in the catalogue or any other modal. The standard format is .PNG
Outline iconThe outline icon will appear in the side panel where the app will be pinned. The standard format is .PNG
Accent colour

The accent colour is the background colour that will be displayed behind the icon image. This will only be visible for icon .PNG images that have a transparent background. This colour is also used on the sign-in card.

Once the configurations have been set and saved, a manifest file will be created.