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Video and image URLs embedded within pages will be displayed in the same way in the Microsoft Teams app as they would on your Totara site.

Configurable tabs

In the Totara app you can also add configurable tabs to a Team, allowing you to share content in a different way. Microsoft Teams allows for the tabs in Team channels to be added or removed by its members. In the Totara app users can add learning content within these tabs to 'pin' content to certain channels. This could be a course administrator or facilitator who wants to flag pre-course material for a team by adding this course as a new tab, or a manager who wants to pin a playlist with useful resources for their team to use. To add a configurable tab, follow these steps:

  1. Click the + icon in the top panel within a Team.
  2. Find and select the Totara app under the listed available apps.
  3. Click Add.

Adding a custom tab in the MS Teams Totara app.Image Added

You will now be able to search the catalogue to find and select the item you would like to add in a tab. It is also possible to provide a name for this new tab. Once it has been added, it will display to all users within that tab. You can also rename or remove the tab at any time by clicking the down arrow next to the tab name.


The Totara notifications sent to users within the MS Teams application are generated by the MS Teams bot framework. There are three bot commands, all of which can be edited/configured under Language strings: