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Before upgrading to Totara Learn, please ensure that your server meets the minimum requirements described in the Technical SpecificationServer system requirements.


You will need to be on Moodle versions 3.3.7 9 to upgrade to Totara Learn 12. See our policy documents, on the impact of forking from Moodle for more information.

Upgrade process

  1. Check the live logs to check if any users are currently using the site. The site will be offline while the upgrades are performed (Site administration > Reports > Live Logs).
  2. Enable maintenance mode in Moodle (Site administration > Server > Maintenance Mode).
  3. Back up the Moodle database.
  4. Back up the moodledata directory.
  5. Back up the Moodle source code directory.
  6. Replace or merge the Moodle code.

    • If your Moodle site is not customised you can replace your Moodle code folder with the new Totara code folder and copy your old config.php file to the new folder.


      Do not copy the new code on top of the existing code folder.

    • If you have customised Moodle you will need to merge your existing Moodle source code and new Totara code. This is best accomplished using a version control tool like GIT or SVN. You will need to:
      • Reuse the existing Moodle's config.php file.
      • Ensure any themes are updated to work with Totara.
      • Include any existing modules and filters remain in the code.
      • Resolve any merge conflicts caused by existing local customisations.

  7. Navigate to admin/index.php using a web browser and perform the install process.
  8. Click Yes on the Upgrade page.
  9. Confirm the server status checks.
  10. Confirm the plugin status checks.
  11. Proceed with the initial database upgrades.
  12. Edit the New Admin Settings page if required.
  13. Continue the database upgrades.
  14. Check for warnings or errors on the upgrade review page.
  15. Edit the New Site Settings page if required.
  16. Test the site functionality. The site should now be displayed with the Totara logos and theme.
  17. Disable server maintenance mode.
  18. Congratulations, your site is now running Totara.
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