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  • Assignments: Tasks for Learners to complete, either directly into the text editor or by uploading a file
  • Blogs: Spaces for Learners to note their reflections and notes for others to read
  • Certificates: Proof of course or program activity
  • Chat rooms: Online group discussions
  • Choices: Polls consisting of a single question
  • Databases: Databases that users can create and contribute to
  • External tools: Incorporates content from external providers
  • Feedback: Series of questions and text input fields allowing Learners to provide feedback
  • Forums: Spaces for users to post comments and discuss topics relevant to the course
  • Glossaries: Collections of searchable and browsable content
  • Lessons: A series of pages or scrolling interface presenting learning content and questions
  • SCORM packages: E-learning modules following the SCORM standard
  • Seminars: Face-to-face or virtual training events
  • Surveys: Preset surveys to help understand the effectiveness of the course
  • Quizzes: Series of questions that can be graded
  • Wikis: Informative resources that Learners can edit and contribute to
  • Workshops: Activities for Learners to submit work and peer review others' work


  • Manual activity completion: Manual activity completion icon.
  • System activity completion (after meeting criteria): System activity completion icon.

Totara Academy

 Image RemovedThe Totara Academy has courses dedicated to using Course resources and Plugins and Advanced Features a program specifically for Course Creators in Totara Learn. Here In this program you can learn more on find a number of courses covering how to use various course activities and resources and plugins, see best practice, and give them a go yourself.