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The upgrade process is described below.

Upgrading the legacy Recommender to the Machine Learning



This step is required only if you are using the legacy Recommender on Totara 13 or 14 and want to use the Recommender with the new Machine Learning (ML) service.

The legacy Recommender works via the execution of three separate scripts:


Once the above steps are completed, install the new Machine Learning Service by following the installation steps below and the recommendations configurations on Totara. When the service is successfully installed, and is running and configured on Totara, the recommendations model will train in the ML Service and Totara will start getting recommendations from the Service.


The URL of the ML Service and a secret key needs to be configured on Totara for the successful connection with the Service. This can be done from admin settings page of Totara https://your_domain/server/admin/settings.php?section=machine_learning_environment or from config.php script by adding the following lines: