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A site administrator can set the default options within a user's account for email display, format and digest type, and for forum auto-subscribe and forum tracking.  These defaults will be applied when a new user account is created - unless specified otherwise at the time.

A user can subsequently update these settings at any stage via their User Profile page.

User default preferences can be found under the Administration block within Site administration > Users > Accounts > User default preferences.

Email display

Users can choose which user can see their email address:

  • Allow only other course members to see my email address: only other users who are enrolled, or are teaching in a course can see your email address.
  • Hide my address from everyone: prevent all users (except Site administrators) from seeing your email address.
  • Allow everyone to see my email address: any user who can access the site, can see your email address.
Email format

Users can choose the format in which they receive any emails from the system:

  • Pretty HTML format: Email is received with all HTML formatting and images included.
  • Plain text format: Email is received without any formatting or images.
Email digest type

Users can choose whether to receive forum posts as a digest or summary message, and which type of digest message to receive.

  • No digest: You will receive one email per forum post.
  • Digest - complete posts: You will receive one digest email per day containing the complete contents of each forum post.
  • Digest - subjects only: You will receive one digest email per day containing just the subject of each forum post.
Forum auto-subscribe

Users can choose whether they will be automatically subscribed to a Forum in which they post:

  • Yes: When a user posts they will be subscribed to that forum discussion.
  • No: Don't automatically subscribe the user to forum discussions.
Please see User Preferences for more information.
Forum tracking

Users can choose whether any new postings are highlighted within a forum that allows forum tracking

  • No: Will not display an unread message icon against any new posts.
  • Yes: Will display an unread message icon against any new posts.

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