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Tags are keywords which can be used to categorise courses and content to help users find them during a search.

There are two types of tags

  • Official tags as defined by Admina Site Administrator, these are site wide. 
  • Tags defined by learners for their own use.

Once a tag has been defined other users can also select the tag to categorise their content. The Tag tag manager enables the site administrator Site Administrator to see all of the tags that have been defined and ensure that tags are consistently and appropriately used.

Enabling tags

Tags can be applied to individual courses and their content.

  1. Select Site Administration administration > Advanced features.
  2. Click Enable tags functionality.

Creating official tags

Official tags are visible and can be selected when creating resources. Official tags will appear as a drop down dropdown box near the bottom of the resource setup dialogue boxsettings page for any resource or activity.

The tag report below shows the tags used, who created the tag, how many times the tag has been used, when the tag was last modified, and whether the tag is an official tag or not. When you click on the tag you will be taken to the resource that has the tag included. 

  1. Select the course or content that requires the tag.
  2. Select Official so the Tag tag appears to users, uncheck Official  if you don't want the user to add this tag.
  3. Start typing the tag in the Enter tags dropdown box. A list of the existing tags will appear If the tag already exists this will be displayed.
  4. Select Update to create the tag.
  5. Alternatively select Manage official tags, enter the Tag tag in the Add official tags box.Image Removed

Tag report example.Image Added

Editing tags

Once you have created one or more tags you may wish to manage these by editing or deleting them.

Change tag name

  1. Select Manage offical tags official tags in the settings for the resource.
  2. Select the Edit tag name icon beside the tag name.
  3. Type the replacement name into the Tag name box.
  4. Press Enter to change the tag name.

Delete tags

  1. Select Manage offical tags official tags in the settings for the resource.
  2. Tick the Select checkbox next to the tags to delete.
  3. Select Delete icon.
  4. Select yes to confirm you want to delete the tag.

Change tag type

  1. Select Manage offical tags official tags in the settings for the resource.
  2. Tick or untick the Official column for the tags you wish to change type of.

Searching for tags by person

Select the First name letter or Surname of the person that you want to view and possibly edit tags for.

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