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Your Activity stream (also sometimes referred to as the Home stream) displays on your Homepage and is the first thing you see when you login to Totara Social. It is a stream (or feed) of activity updates happening on the site that are relevant to you.

You can determine what kind of updates appear in your activity stream by editing your notification settings.

Next to each update you own there is a cog icon, if you click on this you will see an option to edit or delete that item from your feed. You can also interact with items in your activity stream by using the like, watch, and comment buttons associated with each piece of content. 


If you hover your mouse over the Like button you can see a list of those people who have liked your content.

Updates, questions, and ideas

At the top of the activity stream you will also notice a box that allows you to post content into the activity stream, you can:

  • Share something: Post an update or attachment to selected users. You can choose to post to the whole site, your connections, a particular group, or a specific individual. 
  • Ask a question: You can ask a question so that other users can supply answers, and you can even choose the best one. 
  • Suggest an idea: Propose an idea that others can then vote and comment on. 

When you decide to share something there are a few tips to bear in mind, mostly that you can tag yourself or others via mentions and that you can embed multimedia content. 

Your status updates are not displayed to users who are not connections (even when All users is selected).


When you are posting an update (or comment) it is possible to tag someone in that post by mentioning them, similar to at mentioning (also referred to as @ mentioning) on social media platforms. To do this type the symbol followed by the name of the person you wish to mention (this could be yourself), an auto-complete option should appear for the users and you can click this to add it in. 

You can tag yourself or others via mentions in updates (share something) or group forum posts.


When posting an update, if you attach images via Add files these are displayed as embedded images in the activity stream, although other file types display as a link. Similarly, if you post an external link or a link to a media file as your status update message then the content from the external link will be embedded in the activity steam.

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