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The cleanup page contains the following options:

  • Unsubscribe users from courses after: To help keep lists of participants up-to-date, you can tell Totara to unenrol any learner who hasn’t logged in for a certain amount of time. Be sure to keep this time long enough so learners aren’t unenrolledaccidentally while they still need access to the course.
  • Delete unconfirmed users after: If you’re using email-based self-registration, users must confirm their account within a certain time frame. Once the time set here has passed, any account that hasn’t been confirmed will be deleted. Seven days is a good setting.
  • Keep logs for: Totara keeps extensive logs of user activity. Eventually, however, the logs will become so large that they begin to clog your server. Limiting the length of time logs are kept for will reduce database table size. Generally, a year is enough time to keep logs for.
  • Disable grade history: This can be disabled to help sped up the server.
  • Grade history lifetime: Select the number of days to keep a history of changes to tables – only change this if you have limited database space or having tried other solutions to help performance.