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 These settings allow you to specify the languages required. You can select specific language packs.

Default language

This sets the default language for the site. The setting can be overridden by users using the language menu, or the setting in their personal profile.

If a preferred language is set in a user’s browser, then this will override the default site language.

Display language menu

This sets whether the language menu is displayed on the login page and the front page. If it is turned off, the only places where a user can change the language setting are in her user profile or in the course settings if she is a trainer.

Languages on the language menu

If you want to limit the number of languages learners and trainers can select from, enter a reduced list here.

Site-wide locale

Leave this setting empty, as its set through each language pack.

Excel encoding

Leave as default (Unicode) unless you have a particular reason for wanting Latin encoding.