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We appreciate that Totara’s EOL policy has an impact on our customers’ business. Therefore, we have developed a product support policy that provides our customers with maximum flexibility; Official Support and Extended Support.  Official Support is provided for a minimum of four years for all Major Version Releases.

At the end of the Official Support period, that version is officially end-of-life version (EOL) meaning that it is a version of Totara software at the end of its product lifecycle and we strongly recommend upgrading to a more current version.  

Totara also offers Extended Support, also known as Beyond End-of-Life for older versions. During Extended Support, Totara continues to provide security and reliability updates, along with bug fixes. Totara offers Extended Support with different terms and conditions. 

Totara Learning Solutions Ltd may review and change this policy from time to time and makes no representation with this policy statement. Any changes to this policy will be posted here. This policy statement is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into, nor supersede any contract.

Totara Talent Experience Platform

Totara  VersionRelease DateOfficial Support
End-Of-Life Date
Extended Support
Beyond End-of-Life
Totara Learn 2.215th August 201230th April 2016Extended support 
Totara Learn 2.430th April 201331st October 2016Extended support 
Totara Learn 2.531st October 20135th May 2017Extended support 
Totara Learn 2.65th May 20142nd March 2018Extended support 
Totara Learn 2.72nd March 20152nd November 2018Extended support 
Totara Learn 2.92nd November 201519th October 2019Extended support 
Totara Learn 919th October 201622 September 2020Extended support 
Totara Learn 1022 September 201712th March 2021Extended support
Totara Learn 1112th March 20184th December 2021Extended support
Totara Learn 124th December 20181st October 2023Extended support
Totara Talent Experience Platform 131st October 20205th November 2024
Totara Talent Experience Platform 1421st May 202121st May 2025
Totara Talent Experience Platform 155th November 20215th November 2025
Totara Talent Experience Platform 1626th of April 202226th of April 2026

Totara Social

Totara Social versionRelease dateOfficial Support
End-Of-Life Date

Extended Support
Beyond End-of-Life

2.06th October 201515th February 2021Extended support
3.015th February 20181st October 2023