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In September 2015 Totara Learning has made announced the decision to progressively fork Totara Learn from Moodle in order to allow us to make deeper architectural changes we believe are necessary to modernise the platform and provide key functionality required in the corporate learning technologies space. If you'd like to know more about this decision our CEO Richard Wyles published an article Focusing on our mission – an open source “fork” of Moodle that explores this in depth.


Moodle version to upgradeMinimum Totara versionSupported?
2.3, 2.42.4Yes
2.8, 2.92.9Yes
3.110Yes, though the migration of Moodle competency/learning plan is not yet implemented
3.3Unknown at this timeUnknown at this time12Yes

Moodle plugins

Moodle plugins have never been officially supported in Totara Learn, but due to the similarity between the two platforms in practice most Moodle plugins function in Totara Learn without any problems. Since we intend to continue to support the existing API in a backward compatible way, we do not anticipate that this will change in the short to medium term. In the longer term it is possible that Moodle will introduce functionality that we don't include in Totara Learn, and plugins will be written that rely on that functionality, which will make those plugins unsuitable for use in Totara Learn.