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Moodle version to upgradeMinimum Totara versionSupported?
2.3, 2.42.4Yes
2.8, 2.92.9Yes
3.110.xLikely yes, though migration of competency/learning plan data may not be possible
3.210.x or 11.xUnknown

Moodle plugins



Moodle plugins have never been officially supported in Totara, but due to the similarity between the two platforms in practice most Moodle plugins function in Totara without any problems. Since we intend to continue to support the existing API in a backward compatible way, we do not anticipate that this will change in the short to medium term. In the longer term it is possible that Moodle will introduce functionality that we don't include in Totara, and plugins will be written that rely on that functionality, which will make those plugins unsuitable for use in Totara.

If this becomes a problem we may consider building our one independent plugin repository and invest resources in testing, validating and updating Moodle plugins to ensure they work consistently in Totara too. This effort would focus on the most commonly used plugins by corporate users and could be a community driven effort with assistance from Totara partners or even subscribers.


As mentioned above, significant changes to how themes are handled in Totara 9.0 are likely to require new themes to be developed for 9.0 and above. We will be attempting to provide backward compatibility via a "legacy" parent theme but at this stage it is unknown as to how well this will work.