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In order to give theme designers more control and flexibility we are prioritising converting Totara to use templates. In order to minimise differences with Moodle we have decided to use mustache templates as they are already in use by Moodle. There are some areas where it might be necessary to extend Moodle's template solution to achieve what we need but we expect it to be backward compatible (existing Moodle code would continue to work unchanged).

Theme changes

Moodle currently uses a modified version of the Bootstrap CSS framework in its "bootstrapbase" theme. The key difference is that the framework has been modified to apply Bootstrap appearances to Moodle CSS classes. Our preference is to modify the template HTML to use native bootstrap classes, therefore allowing Bootstrap to be used without modification. This may mean some HTML changes to core templates, which is likely to make Moodle and Totara 2.2 - 2.9 themes incompatible with Totara 9. While this work is being assessed we would like to be able to provide a "legacy" theme which retains the old HTML templates. This would allow earlier themes to continue to be used on Totara 9 simply by switching the "parent" theme to use the legacy one. However the feasibility of this approach is still being assessed at this stage.