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A 'Purge profile' can then be created by enabling one or more userdata items which implement the purge function. This purge profile can then be applied to a user. The enabled purge items will delete the relevant data. Note that this works independently of user deletion. Purge profiles can be applied to user in any state - active, suspended or deleted. Existing functionality when a user is deleted must be maintained - this ensures backwards compatibility.

Requirements for completing "user data items"



Is concerning them?

(1a + 2a)

Is personal data?

(1b + 2b)

User provided the data?


Need to export

under Article 20?

Need to export

under Article 15?

Need to export?

User profile data entered by the user.

(e.g. City, interests, contact number)


User profile data created by other people.

(e.g. hidden profile fields, automatically synced profile data)

Forum posts(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Grades / completion data(tick)(tick)(error)(error)(tick)(tick)
Assignment submissions / Quiz answers(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Feedback from the trainer on your assignments (exporter a learner)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)(tick)(tick)
Feedback from the trainer on assignments (exporter is the trainer)?(error)(tick)(error)(error)(error)
Organisation frameworks you created?(error)(tick)(error)(error)(error)
Courses created as a trainer?(error)(tick)(error)(error)(error)
Site configuration settings(error)(error)(tick)(error)(error)(error)
Custom field definitions set up as an administrator(error)(error)(tick)(error)(error)(error)
Positions of blocks on your personal dashboard?(error)(tick)(error)(error)(error)
Site logs of your activity(tick)(tick)(error)(error)(tick)(tick)
Featured link tiles you created on shared dashboards as an admin(error)(error)(tick)(error)(error)(error)

Featured links tiles you created on a personal dashboard

(visible only to yourself)

Appraisal answers given by the appraisee (exporter is the appraisee)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Appraisal answers given by the manager (exporter is the appraisee)(tick)(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Appraisal answers given by the appraisee (exporter is the manager)?(tick)(error)(error)?(error)?(error)?
Appraisal answers given by the manager (exporter is the manager)?(tick)(tick)(tick)?(tick)?(tick)?


Is this a complex item that may require time and care to be accurate about what a user should be able to see? If there is not a straightforward divide between what is visible and not visible for export, it is acceptable to export everything for that item, providing this is made clear in the UI. The strings for each item are shared between export and purge types, so you may need to create a separate item for the export, allowing you to define a specific string for it where you can advise that this may ignore whether or not this is visible to the user.

What end-user documentation is required?