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The search functionality will return matching results from any course, program, certification (Totara Learn) and resource (Totara Engage) text field that is visible to all users such as item name, summary and text-based custom fields.

Users You can also use search for just part of a word using the partial search functionality if they want . This enables you to search for multiple similar search terms. To do this, replace part the end of the a search term with an asterisk. For example, if a user were to search for 'organis*', the search results would include terms such as 'organisation', 'organised', 'organisational' and more. Alternatively, searching for '*ball' would return results for 'football', 'basketball', 'eyeball' and more.

Users can share their current view of the catalogue using the Share button. A unique link is generated and may be sent to other users of the site.