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To Cancel a Seminar Event click the corresponding Cancel icon (Image Removed) when viewing the Event cancel a seminar event, click the ellipsis icon for that event, then select Cancel event from the dropdown menu. You can do this when viewing the event from the course home page or from the Events events dashboard.  

Cancelling a seminar event.Image RemovedThe actions menu for a seminar event.Image Added

Cancelling an Event event will notify all Booked and Wait-listed learners and remove this training session from their Record of Learning and Calendarcalendar. Where custom fields have been added to the Event Cancellation form, you will be prompted to enter these details before confirming the cancellation via the Yes button. Clicking No will disregard the cancellation and return you to the Events Dashboard or course home page.

Cancelling an event.Image RemovedCancelling a seminar event.Image Added

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