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Page: Random glossary entry block Unknown User (domis) Dec 09, 2019
Page: Recurring Courses Unknown User (domis) Apr 23, 2019
Page: Recycle bin Unknown User (domis) Oct 16, 2019
Page: Registration data collected from Totara products Unknown User (domis) Nov 09, 2018
Page: Report Builder Unknown User (domis) May 24, 2021
Page: Report General Settings Unknown User (domis) Sep 04, 2019
Page: Report graph block Liam Tanner Dec 16, 2019
Page: Report Sources Unknown User (domis) Jan 30, 2020
Page: Report table block Meredith Henson Nov 04, 2018
Page: Reports 1 Unknown User (domis) Jul 10, 2019
Page: Repositories Unknown User (domis) Nov 26, 2019
Page: Reserve and Allocate Permissions Liam Tanner May 13, 2021
Page: Reserving and allocating session spaces for team members Unknown User (domis) Sep 17, 2019
Page: Restrict Access Liam Tanner Nov 08, 2019
Page: Roles Liam Tanner Feb 17, 2020
Page: Rooms Unknown User (domis) Sep 17, 2019
Page: Running HR import Liam Tanner Oct 28, 2019